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Full attendance for the designated clock hours for each course is required to receive the Certificate of Completion. There are no excused or un-excused absences but absences may be made up the next time a course is offered, space permitting. Students who miss more than 10 minutes of a classroom hour will be required to make up the entire hour during another course, space permitting. Hours may not be transferred from other schools.

No out of class make up work is allowed. Attendance in class is required.

To receive the Certificate of Completion, the student must attend and participate in all classes. Class participation includes taking part in discussions, completing classroom tests and exercises.


All fees are due at the time of class enrollment.

For all courses over 6 hours in length, a non-refundable registration fee of not more than $100.00 shall apply.

For all courses, a full refund, minus the non-refundable registration fee (if applicable), is available as long as the student cancellation is made in writing (email acceptable) and delivered to the instructor at least 5 days prior to the scheduled course. After this, tuition may be applied to a subsequent course.

If a student must withdraw after the course starts then the available refund is on a pro-rata basis:

  • A 50% refund is available if the student withdraws before completing 50% of the course.
  • A 25% refund is available if the student withdraws after completing 50% but not more than 75% of the course.
  • No refund is available if the student withdraws after completing 75% of the course.

At all times after the student begins attendance of the course but must withdraw, the student has the opportunity to apply tuition to a subsequent like course.

No refund is given if the student fails to attend the course without prior notice.

If a course is cancelled by the school, a full refund is available or the fees may be applied to a subsequent like course.


Smartphones, laptops and similar devices may only be used for class purposes. Other than materials assigned by the instructor, outside reading material is not allowed.

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas and designated breaks.

Firearms are not permitted on campus.

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