Best Holiday Practices for Realtors

Working around the holidays can be mind-numbing for anyone. Between prepping for family, decorating, and shopping, it’s a wonder we get anything done in December. For an industry as seasonal as real estate, it might be an ideal time for a little holiday break, right? According to expert real estate agents: wrong. Here’s why, and some best practices for staying on your game during the holidays.

Excuses, Excuses

As we get into the spirit of giving, the holidays afford agents a convenient excuse to contact a client just to wish them well. Sending holiday cards, holiday emails, even having holiday-inspired parties and open houses can be a great way to remind leads that you’re available, present, and ready to help. For past clients, this can be a warm “Thank You” for working with you.

Deck the Halls (to Sell Them)

Rarely does the inside of a seller’s house look as good as when it’s decorated and ready for relatives to arrive. While the grass might be yellow and the shrubs bare, the holiday decorations add a homey warmth that might appeal to a shopping family, and a decked hall shows well.

Watch for Pre-Semester Buyers

A sizable chunk of first and second-time buyers are moving with their children (and their schools) in mind. These folks are on a tight schedule, have specific neighborhoods in mind, and don’t want to move in the middle of a semester. Those that move during the holidays might be gambling with their sanity, but that’s more reason to have a nimble expert on hand to guide them to their perfect close.

Keep the Momentum

Just because this is supposed to be the slow time of year doesn’t mean you don’t have momentum. Keeping up the hard work now may pay off later down the line. When it's closing time, we hope to see you at the ATG office!