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Why should I choose a title company with in-house attorneys?

For starters, there is an added convenience. Our attorneys have many years of experience in both real estate and law, and they can quickly answer questions or prepare necessary documents to resolve any title or closing issues that may arise.

What is CloseSimple?

CloseSimple is a software that will keep you informed during the closing process via text messages and email updates, showing the status of any open orders you have with us. This is designed to give clients and their agents peace of mind so that you never have to wonder or worry about what's next.

What do I need to bring to closing?

Please bring a valid copy of your driver's license or photo ID of each person who will be signing documents. We will be in contact with you prior to the closing regarding the funds needed. If you are using a lender, your lender will provide your final cash to close amount. If it is a cash purchase, we will be in contact with you prior to the closing regarding the funds needed.

What does the closing process entail?

Click here to see our blog post which outlines the process.

Helpful Terms


An appraisal is a statement of value based on the appraiser's examination of the property. A home must be appraised in order for the lender to ensure they are lending you the correct purchase amount.


Also known as the settlement, the closing is when the buyers and sellers sign the final documents needed to transfer ownership of the property.

Closing Costs

The fees associated with the home purchase that are paid at the time of closing. Closing costs are paid by the buyer and/or seller.


A written legal document that transfers ownership of real estate from one party to another.


Funds held by the lender to make payments for your homeowners insurance and property taxes. Lenders will collect them each month along with the loan payment amount.


A thorough investigation of the condition of the property. A typical home inspection will examine major systems of the house such as plumbing, electrical, roof, and foundation. This is to determine any potential issues or repairs needed prior to purchase.


The rights that a person has to the ownership of real estate.

Title Insurance

A form of insurance (owners and lenders) that protects the owner and lender from title issues.