Communication and the Closing Process

As you well know, buying and selling a house involves a lot of moving parts and communication, especially when it comes to the closing. While most Realtors bring their own process and experience to the table, they also have to take into account the wide range of priorities the buyer, seller, lender, and title agency bring as well.

And while we’ve faced these challenges time and time again, no two closings will be the same. For example, one buyer needs hand holding because it is their first house, or another seller can only be reached at certain times of the day based upon their job demands. Any way you look at it – it almost always comes down to communication.

What You Should Do:

As a title company, Attorney’s Title Group wants to underscore the importance of Realtor communication during the Closing process, and we recommend the following tips:

  1. Identify and address problems (even the slightest) as early as possible to avoid hang-ups in the close. For example: problems with funding can crop up in the final stage of the close after the title search has been produced. Knowing about these issues ahead of time can help the title company secure funding in a timely fashion.
  2. Have an open line of communication with all parties. Should a problem arise, it’s best to have a contact number at least for every party involved.
  3. Produce a checklist (we call it a closing sheet) to give to all available parties. This should include contact information for all involved, fees, steps, and flexible deadlines.