DOs and DONTs for Fixing Up Your Home Before Selling

Have you decided to sell your home? Now you’ve got another important choice to make: which renovations or repairs to undertake before putting the house on the market. Keep these considerations in mind as you make your list of pre-listing “DOs” and “DON’Ts.”

First Things First: Factors to Consider

There are few, if any, absolutes about fixing up a home for sale. Before you even contemplate a kitchen upgrade or a paint job, do your homework and get your real estate agent’s input on these crucial considerations:

The Overall State of the Market. Whether it’s a buyer’s or a seller’s market will greatly influence how quickly your home may sell, and for how much, with or without improvements.

The Look of Local Competition. A Comparative Market Analysis can tell you the value of recently sold similar homes in your area and help you crunch the numbers on renovations. It’s also smart to attend nearby open houses to scope out the competition for yourself.

The All-Important ROI. Research the return on investment (ROI) for each of the upgrades your home needs. If you’re going to spend money before selling, why not get the most bang for your buck?

The Most Reliable Renovation DOs

While ROIs do fluctuate, there are a few remodels that are usually worth the effort. Bathroom and kitchen upgrades are two reliable ways for sellers to recoup an investment. A few others that may offer a good return on investment include:

● Converting a basement or attic into a bedroom

● Replacing windows or siding

● Replacing the old front door with one made of steel

● Building a deck or outdoor living space

● Adding a fireplace

If you just want to get the sale over and done with for whatever reason, there’s no reason to spend your money or time on upgrades. In that case, consider selling your house “as-is.”

The List of DON’Ts

To attract buyers, real estate property needs to be move-in ready. That means taking care of some bare-minimum fixes.

Don’t list the home if it has code violations or safety issues; systems like electrical and plumbing must be up to par.

Don’t ignore dated light fixtures, ceiling fans, or window treatments – making these updates may help attract more buyers.

Don’t underestimate the value of new carpets if the current ones are grubby, grungy, or worn out.

Don’t forget to patch holes and cracks in the walls and give them a fresh coat of paint.

One Last Thing to DO

Another key factor in deciding whether to sell your home as-is or as a “fixer-upper”: What your real estate agent thinks. You’ve got the final say, of course, but the agent has loads of experience that can help you weigh the pros and cons. Their professional opinion can go a long way.

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