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How “Virtual” Options are Helping Buyers and Sellers during the Pandemic

For sellers, an “open house” means more visibility since buyers can swing by and view the home without making an appointment. An open house can be a fantastic way to have multiple home showings in a condensed period of time. Like many other things complicated by COVID-19, the pandemic poses another problem for realtors: Open houses may not always be feasible for some prospective homebuyers. With stay-at-home orders being passed in many states, in-person showings and open houses were down as much as 40%-50% in April.

As Americans are getting back to work, buyers and sellers are returning to the market. While open houses are starting to get going again, some realtors are relying on technology to conduct digital home walkthroughs, virtual open houses, and even “virtual staging.”

Digital Walkthroughs and Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is the use of software to add digital enhancements like furniture and other furnishings to the image of a property. Instead of temporarily bringing in furniture and other decor to make a home appear more attractive to potential buyers, some realtors are using digital technology to the same end. This saves realtors and sellers money on purchasing or renting furniture and moving it in and out, all while limiting the amount of person-to-person contact involved.

Another digital tool some realtors are relying on now more than ever is the “virtual walkthrough,” which gives potential buyers a chance to take a virtual tour of the property they are considering. This is done using video, 360-degree photos, or could even include a virtual reality experience using 3-D simulations. Buyers can get a feel of the home’s layout without leaving their couch.

Realtors are also offering their clients tours via FaceTime or other means of video communication. Some realtors are hosting virtual open houses on social media platforms like Facebook Live. There have been many creative adaptations made in order to best help buyers and sellers during this time.

Virtual home tours and other means of technology have been helpful to those who aren’t as comfortable going to view a home in person, and are likely to remain a popular option, even after the pandemic passes. With professional guidance and planning, buyers can use virtual home tours to settle upon the perfect home to purchase.

When you find the perfect new home, we are here to help you through the closing process. We even offer outdoor “curbside closings” for those who may not be comfortable coming inside the office. Contact the experienced team at Attorney’s Title Group today at (501) 734-2233 or with any questions.