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Introducing ATG Portal: Closings Simplified

At Attorney’s Title Group, communication is one of our top priorities. Offering convenient closings is equally important. A few years ago, we implemented the use of CloseSimple as an enhanced method of communication with real estate agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers to keep everyone updated of each step of the closing process.

Now we’re taking it a step further to make things even easier for our customers. We’re excited to announce ATG Portal. In addition to sending buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders proactive communication throughout the entire process, ATG Portal is a secure platform to see and share everything related to your closing. This includes updates at each milestone of the process, plus on-demand access to important closing documents.

The ATG Portal allows all parties to digitally interact with all of their transactions in one place and on any device. It is web-based, so it is easily accessed from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. More importantly, it’s secure.

With the ATG Portal, buyer/seller interviews can be completed quickly, documents can be reviewed in advance, wiring instructions can be verified, and documents can easily be reviewed after closing is complete.

The Attorney’s Title Group team is excited to provide our customers with one secure place to see and share everything related to the closing process. This new feature will greatly contribute to our “white-glove” service in which we strive to provide a convenient, stress-free closing experience for all.

If you have questions or need assistance with creating your ATG Portal account, please email us at or call us at (501) 734-2233.