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Introducing CloseSimple: The Pizza Tracker for Title

At Attorney's Title Group, communication is important to us. Part of our concierge-style service is to ensure all parties involved in the closing process receive direct, reliable communication. We're excited to now be able to provide even better communication with the technology we've recently implemented.

If you’ve ever ordered a pizza from Domino’s you know all about their Pizza Tracker and how it helps customers know where their pizza is at as it’s being made. You can track everything from when the dough is being tossed, when the toppings are added to when the pizza enters the oven, and as it leaves for delivery. If you can track the status of your pizza, you should be able to track the closing process.

After months of hard work, we have recently unveiled CloseSimple, a way to help us communicate with agents, buyers/sellers, and everyone else involved in the closing process with a visual Pizza Tracker for Title™.

We’ll also be able to send short text messages to agents to notify them of completion along the way (since we know a text is often easier to read than an email).

We're looking forward to using CloseSimple on your closing! Please contact us if you have any questions.