Location, Location, Location

Homebuyers with intent to move in are often buying at some key point in their life, whether they’re starting a family or are downsizing for space (or they won the lottery and need a house to prove it). Each type of homebuyer will have their own priorities when moving, and each person will have their own individual preferences. But historically a Realtor can make some assumptions based on the family’s needs. A parent of very young children, for example, might look for nearby parks, quality schools, low traffic-roads, etc. A couple with grown children might want to downsize their yard for minimal upkeep in their golden years.

Just as the oldest adage in real estate value is location, location, location, so do schools remain the biggest determinate of homebuyers decision making. Schools, whether it be proximity or a different-sized tax bill, make all the difference in the purchasing decision of a home. The empty-nester may choose to sacrifice school district quality for a smaller millage in their tax bill, while the young family will gladly pay the tax and likely the price of the home so they know they can avail their children the best education without the private school tuition.

The difference in the modern-day shopper is that a larger portion of parents have safety concerns about parks and public play areas, which can be combatted by showcasing the safe, entertaining qualities of local playgrounds. The amenity doesn’t have to be the traditional jungle gym and basketball court; it can be a boys and girls club nearby, a church with a family center, or a robust library system with technology and community events. These key features can make a huge impact on a worried parent mind, so be sure to point these out as neighborhood assets to sell a property.