Realtors: We Appreciate 3 Qualities in Agents

When it comes to closing a property, there are a lot of moving parts (Realtors, buyers, sellers, lawyers, closing companies, lenders, etc.). With so many parties, effective cooperation becomes paramount. This week we share three qualities in a Realtor that make our job as title agents easier:

  • Communicative — When it comes to closing a house, the ability to remain responsive and available for discussions and/or updates concerning clients is a necessary quality in a Realtor, but it isn’t enough to communicate at convenient times. We appreciate Realtors who are willing to take time to discuss their client’s needs and what is in their best interest, even if it’s inconvenient or beyond the normal call of duty. Knowing that the buyer/seller trusts the agent makes our job much easier, and speeds up the closing process.
  • Collaborative — Collaboration between all parties can be easy when the process proceeds smoothly. But as problems crop up, collaboration can easily slip to the back burner. We respect Realtors who handle these problems directly and keep the closing group in the loop. Our best piece of advice for bad situations is to share the news. Let the closer know; often they can point you in the right direction, or possibly spare expenses that accrue as the close date nears.
  • Organizational — Staying organized during the buying/selling process can be difficult. As the closing company, we appreciate Realtors who take the initiative to help themselves and all parties stay organized. It is very helpful if the Realtor makes sure all contracts and addendums are consistent in names, addresses, etc. Even better, an info sheet with all pertinent details (whether they are the buying or selling agent) can be incredibly helpful.