Repairs & Modifications that Sell the Home

Whether you’re looking for a “wow factor” or added value, repairing a home before it’s sold is a tricky business. The end goal when making repairs and modifications to a for-sale home is usually to shorten the time of the sale and/or maximize the return on investment for the homeowner.

Paint and flooring tend to be the knee-jerk upgrade, which often upgrades the overall appeal to a pre-owned home. But if you occupy the property, that may not be a workable solution. Here are some simple tips you can follow while you’re in the home, that won’t break the bank, and give your home that special touch.


Decluttering your hidden spaces and hot spots is #1. It is absolutely true that emptying closets to bare essentials creates a more impressive display than a full closet. Some homeowners may think that showing how much storage space they have is a plus, but buyers want to see there is more than enough room for their needs – not that it meets yours.

Walkway Space

Make sure traffic patterns in the home are clear. Bear in mind that when prospects look at a house there will generally be at least 3 people: husband, wife and agent – maybe even kids and in-laws as well. A smart seller wouldn’t want them to feel bottlenecked trying to get across the dining room into the living room. Be sure furniture doesn’t partially obstruct walkways, that rugs are neat, and doors are open and inviting.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a must, and you don’t have to spend money to get it. The buyer needs to feel like getting out of the car to look inside. With that in mind, finish your gardening projects: trim shrubs to open up the look of the house, rake leaves, edge, mow, and blow!

The hard part of all this, whether it is cleaning up or fixing a broken door knob you’ve put up with for years, is that a seller is doing the work for someone else to enjoy. Remember: the end goal is time of sale and maximum return on the hard-earned equity.