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Tips for Selling A Home Faster

If you’ve decided to sell your house and move to a new place, you probably don’t want to sit around for months on end waiting for your house to sell. Preparing your home so it feels welcoming and fresh to prospective buyers is one of the best ways to sell it faster, no matter the market.


If you’re able to afford upgrades, spend your money wisely. For example, some potential buyers might avoid a pool or a newly added sunroom because these things can mean additional costs and ongoing maintenance.

On the other hand, most buyers will appreciate energy-efficient improvements or updated kitchen appliances and counters. Fresh, neutral-colored paint and flooring also help. Potential buyers will be checking out the attic and basement, so if those or any other stairways don’t have handrails, it’s worth adding them—they’re a practical upgrade, and they’ll help protect you in case of a stumble.

Put Your Home’s Best Foot Forward

Potential buyers want to envision themselves living in the new space, and they want to see a better version of themselves there: more organized, more relaxed, happier. Encourage them by making sure your home is neat, in good repair, and ready for them to envision it with their own tastes and personality.

Declutter. Donate, recycle, or file the loose or unused stuff you’ve accumulated. Pack away family photos and collections of tchotchkes. Remove items on the refrigerator door. Don’t just jam everything into the closets—buyers will peek inside to make sure they’re spacious enough for all of their stuff.

Clean. Scrub the bathroom and kitchen, and even appliance interiors. Regrout tile if needed. Have your carpets professionally cleaned—and the drapes and upholstery, too. Wash all the bedclothes. Every home has its own distinct scent; removing it is part of depersonalizing.

Repair. Repair loose stairs and crumbling exterior steps. Fix loose doorknobs, oil squeaky door and cabinet hinges, replace washers on leaky faucets. Check for areas that need to be caulked, sealed, tightened, etc.

Trim. Mow and edge the lawn and trim the shrubbery. Keep toys and ornaments off the lawn. Wash the windows and repair the mailbox, if needed. Clean up or even remove the porch furniture and outdoor accessories. “Curb appeal” creates an important first impression.

Turn to Real Estate Experts

Zillow notes that only 11 percent of sellers make the sale without a real estate agent’s help (even if they first tried to). A professional real estate agent can guide you through the hundreds of decisions involved in selling, including setting a realistic asking price.

And when it comes to closing the sale, turn to our team at Attorney’s Title Group in Little Rock by clicking here or calling us at (501) 734-2233. We strive to make the closing process easy!