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Erica Joyner

Director of Employee Services

Erica Joyner oversees the Administrative & Employee Services Department at The Wilson Law Group, collaborating with the Executive Committee to cultivate a vibrant company culture. Driven by a passion for excellence, she excels in crafting competitive compensation packages, advancing employee development initiatives, streamlining administrative operations, and upholding compliance with State and Federal employment regulations. Under her aegis, the department has championed innovative strategies to both attract and nurture top-tier talent.

In 2022, Erica expanded her leadership role to encompass the Administrative and Facilities Departments, reinforcing productivity and success across these crucial support arenas within the firm.

A seasoned expert in human resources and administration, Erica actively engages with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Central Arkansas Human Resources Association (CAHRA). Since 2021, she has been a dedicated contributor to CAHRA’s Legislative and DEI Committee. Erica holds certifications in Human Resource Law, FMLA Compliance, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Her rich professional journey spans over 15 years in the legal sector, having served as an Executive Assistant, Senior Paralegal, and Manager of Administrative Services.

Away from work, Erica's world is delightfully lively. You might find her swinging a golf club with her husband, Joe, or cherishing precious moments with their daughter, "EK." Taco nights with Erica’s crew are sacred rituals—think laughter, family, friends, and a holy devotion to guacamole! The real stars, however, are their three (ornery, but adorable) miniature dachshunds, Omobono, Francesco, and Dolly Barkin’, bringing endless joy and a touch of chaos to every day.