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Jim Acuff

Executive Director, Finance & Non-Legal Operations

Jim Acuff, C.P.A., is the Executive Director of Finance and Non-Legal Operations and member of the Executive Committee of The Wilson Law Group.

Jim is responsible for all non-legal related departments including finance, revenue, human resources, compliance, information technology, and marketing. He is involved in each department’s day-to-day activities and works with the teams to accomplish their established objectives. He is highly involved in the development of company culture and has an in-depth understanding of the role that culture plays in the success of the organization. He has implemented a strong value culture throughout the organization, creating a positive and dynamic environment. Jim is also very involved with the firm’s Leadership Committee to enhance their ability to be effective leaders.

Jim received his education from Lipscomb University (B.S., Accounting, 1985) and Tennessee Technological University (M.B.A., 1986) and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1988. Jim is an accomplished visionary executive with 30 years of experience in growth-oriented, middle market companies. His experience in the strategic direction of businesses has led to his many accomplishments and the success of each company.